921466_969928399722288_1493395455922497732_oThe study of zero and infinity can be symbolic of the present and the eternal truth. Math in all it’s logic is still a journey from finiteness to infinity. The journey of man on a metaphysical plane is similar.

True education will be an ‘Awakening’ not necessary graded milestones but keen observing of that which unfolds.

12819265_958305284217933_9153182271364691098_oThe caressing of the breeze, the melody of the ravines , the softness and grace of the rain, the warmth of the sun and coolness of the moon nurtures the growing child /adult with comforting truths. The opposites in life hold hidden strength too and Nature study is an inevitable mix of both. In its mix lie its essence. The stormy gales, thunderstorms, cyclones, torturous heat of the summer sun, brutal cold of winter make us realize that in the bigger template of relevance the pleasant and the unpleasant reside.

This is like a law in Nature found in all its forms. This expression is also found in the precise language of mathematics in its concept of positive and negative numbers. In every intimate attempt we make to comprehend this universe and its source of inspiration we unfold, we learn, we breathe ……..

Imagination, a critical tool for Thinking…