12244384_910352689013193_8841569161122521599_oArt, an aesthetic sense changes not only the attitude and emotional well being of a person ,but their physiology.It can alter a person’s brain wave pattern, along with the autonomic nervous system, hormonal balance, brain neurotransmitters, immune system and blood flow to all organs. With time and practice they can change one’s perception of the world including their perception of pain . The body and the mind is made to heal itself and it heals best when in a state of deep relaxation similar to the meditative moment of creation where the past and the future melt into the “Now”, With time it becomes a Work Habit which can be so absorbing that it falls naturally into an altered state of harmony.

Handwork is also a form of revelation of the subconscious mind – the emotions we are not yet ready to face consciously or can’t yet express for various reasons. The images created can reveal themselves through a kind of code which can be handled more gently with the loving guidance of the teacher.

At Edha we believe “Words are limiting”. Children often confront emotions that they haven’t yet found words for . Sometimes our grief or anger is so intense that we subconsciously block the expression of it .

Handwork gives that intensity a voice …. eventually one that when truly heard will resemble a deep silence of “knowing “.

Meditative Handwork