Fridays – Inner Work Sessions with Kurma Avatar …

14311417_1083442768370850_7237606376509029070_oThe sessions continue with the teachers exploring the “Dashavatar”, and its relevance to them. Relating how each of the story unfolds in their very own lives. Last friday, teachers invited and beginning to explore the presence of “Kurma” (the turtle) avatar of Lord Vishnu.


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Inner Work -Connecting to the Invisible Truths within and around us
Edha Summer Training 2016
May 16-May 26

edha_inner_workshopThe sessions was another attempt to study the human being not merely by applying logic but in a more penetrating sense where the intellect is transformed into an artistic organ of perception high on reason and aesthetics.

edha_inner_workshop1An enthusiastic team of blossoming artistic educators give us hope and strength to strive …We ended with Spring ,the season of light hope and new love. We connected the season with Sanguine temperament to awaken in us optimism , humor and lightness of being.

We chose for the moment to keep aside the weight of responsibility , true love and compromise of the other seasons and temperaments.

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Edha Summer Teacher Training 2015
18th – 25th May
Contemplative Teaching Practices at Edha SchoolEdha TT Mandalas Collage 1

For creative teachers, parents,individuals

Trasformative teaching or parenting is a contemplative practice, higher than transaction of knowledge or duty. As we face children every day in classroom or home, we stand before them as the only relevant textbook and example of human potential to strive or to crumble .Our mere “presence” has the power to impact the children more deeply and permanently than any of the skills, information or experiences we think we can facilitate. Contemplative teachers and parents comprehend the world in a new way. They always choose to relate and connect to truths deeply, in more resonant and meaningful ways .Such an approach with time nurtures “an aesthetic mind and a higher order perspective” in children. This approach creates a harmony that goes beyond balance. This is not a surface program about how to be a teacher or a parent. It is about how to be a better example every day.


Guided Imagery as a pedagogic tool