Edha Education Foundation (EEF) is an initiative to further the cause of school education in India through alternative pedagogy and holistic child development models.

Our approach is guided by the philosophy and practice of education, both in India and abroad, which see education as a truly transformative process for both the individual and the society. A system of education that not only gives the children the capability and freedom to pursue their own chosen profession but also enables the flowering of their deepest human potential, touching and transforming every sphere of their lives.

Edha Education Foundation (EEF) is a registered not-for-profit Trust based in Gurgaon, Haryana.

Our objective is to create and enable alternative learning environments both inside and outside of schools that make such an education a reality.

Our work is carried out with an understanding of needs of communities and groups we work with. Our programs are designed to make learning contextual to the local reality while placing it in the wider sphere of the universal goals of education.  When the tree is rooted deeply in the soil, the branches grow outward with both freedom and vitality.

The Name and Logo


Edha is a Sanskrit name meaning “sacred”.

This is a “Thought Diagram” using pure geometric forms. This form enables fullest concentration of the mind. The square reflects Brahma, the creator. The five squares within one stand for the five cosmic elements: The first five basic elements of creation. The circle reflects the cosmos, everything that is to be known that surrounds us while the dot at the centre is the goal : the final goal to merge with the cosmos in complete mindfulness to attain liberation/true knowledge. Knowledge is not in simply knowing, it lies in understanding, applying and in reflection.